Best Hairstyles For Strapless Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is the best thing for bridal. Therefore, with this focal item, everything around your bridal look should go well.

If the wedding dress fits with the bridal shoes, lipstick and hairstyle, the bridal look will be perfectly brought together.

The neckline of your dress is one of the key factors to consider when selecting your bridal hairstyle. There are certain updo hairstyles that fit well on a wedding dress neckline type than others. So, that is a good starting point.

Choosing the best hairstyle for strapless dress has the following advantages.

  • Makes your wedding hairstyle decision easier: it’s a challenge to find the right hairstyle and you can choose from several varieties. Base that on your neckline, and you can narrow your choices down to just a few.
  • This helps you stay focused on the characteristics of your wedding dress: although you need a beautiful hairstyle, you don’t want one that distracts you from the characteristics of your dress.

That’s why it’s important to find one that will boost your dress’s beauty, and not steal the spotlight.Best Hairstyles For Strapless Wedding Dress2

Keep the neckline

This retro-inspired neckline is a bodice statement feature, and is usually selected by brides who want to show off their toned arms. It is also a high neckline that fits perfectly with well-toned and slim brides.

Loose curls and free hair correspond best to this style. Try a half-up half-down hairstyle, if there is a halter neckline on your shirt.

This adds volume to your face, and increases your femininity. Remember the halter neckline is worth highlighting. So, instead of falling to the front, let the part of your hair which stays down be at the back.


The scoop neckline is a classic style common in both traditional and contemporary dresses. Although the neckline is uniformly flattering, it typically does not demand much attention.

Since this is a simple style of the neckline, it is best to select your hairstyle based on the rest of the features in the dress.

Adjust your hairstyle according to whether the dress looks formal or informal, and the length of the sleeve.

Choose hairstyles with a spaghetti strap wedding dress like messy buns or wear your hair half-up and half-down, for casual dress styles with a scoop neckline.

For extra charm add some curls. When your dress style is chic or formal, straighten and keep your hair loose. Otherwise, pair your dress with a classic top knot that never goes off.Best Hairstyles For Strapless Wedding Dress

Boat Collar

The neckline of the boat or bateau is a horizontal neckline that shows the area of the collar bones and neck.

It is also a rather high neckline, which adds to the bust region a larger volume. That neckline wouldn’t hide the ideal hairstyle. Therefore, a hairstyle that holds hair off the neckline would be an updo or collected.

Since the neck of the boat is very feminine and dainty, it is better to mix this look with a delicate hairstyle, rather than a very polished one.

Complement the detail of the soft neckline with low buns or delicate messy buns. Attach a handful of pieces such as roses or scintillating hair clips and you’ll look your best.