Match the dress with your grey hair

When you decide to start to color than go in grey. Grey hair will occur due to lack of pigment and it will soften our hair and also the eye color.

There are many shades in grey color and it ranges from salt and pepper, steel grey, silver platinum and also a pure white. When the pigment of grey gets changed according to the percentage of changes the color will also differ.

The grey color is also known as a cool color, the amount of grey hair in your head will consider you have a cool person. And there is some specific clothing color to wear with grey color will be mentioned below.


The purple coat and the purple based species frame will be an exact match for grey hair people and there is some special cloth to wear with grey hair is puffer jackets, scarf, and jeans, boots are the recreate of the look.


This color will make a gorgeous look over the band on the head with the same color of pink.


Make a recovery look of white as an oval coat and use orange color jacket inside the coat, use the black glass over your grey head will find the exact match.

Velvet jacket

Make the velvet jacket inside the grey t-shirt with the brand-new black shoes provides you an ex- ordinary look with your grey hair.


The spike grey hair with black hears the ring and the red gowns will be made the look more beautiful especially for girls.

And also, a gold color dress with silver pants and black cut shoes with pop cut grey hair provide you the best combo pack.

The above-mentioned are the color palette for grey hair and there is some drawback color that will affect the appearance.

Brown will not work for grey hair, even brown tourists, shirts and jackets will not suit and black color also too harsh, but the alternative way is to substitute with navy color.

And if you have a high percentage of grey hair, then a white dress will look too hard for others to see you.

The grey color hair is the middle color of white and black, which makes you a royal getup and the prefect apparel color with grey hair provides you a majestic look.

But the maintenance of the grey hair is a tough aspect, and the softening and silky grey hair will make the gentle look.