What color lipstick is good for green eyes?

Finding the best lipstick color will be based on your objectives which will be bold or the look will be natural or in a polished finish. If you want to be the best shade in the face make a rocking bold red lip or light lip or in natural shade.

Many of the girls and women are confused to choose their lipstick color as a match to the skin tone and hair color but they were doing the huge mistake that they not worried about their eyes color.

The eyes color is very important than the dress color. For example, the green color eyes will be suitable with orange, red or brown tones lipsticks; among this 3 color orange is the best color for green eyes. 

Choosing a lipstick

There are 3 types of green colors which are dark, light and golden green. The pink and brown-based color will be blend and flattering shades, for example, green color eyes get matched with blue-based Barbie pink will look gorgeous compare with pink with a yellow base.

Lipstick is one of the best cosmetic products which look separate and particular on the face. If your eyes are in one color then use contrast lip color to highlight the face.

We have to spend more time to make up for green eyes because it will enhance the face and also, we should care about hair color and lip color for the green eyes. If we chose the opposite color for lips then whole face makeup gets spoil.

Gold eyeshadow

If you want green color in your eyes then try with purple pink and red which will avoid the eyeshadow with blue. Then use grey or brown eyeliner instead of black.

And another best tip for eyeshadow is to use gold, there are many types of gold eyeshadow which are bronzy gold, champagne gold and rose gold will complement your green eyes perfectly. For dinner or a fancy party, it will help your face to enhance brighter than others.

Shimmering taupe

Taupe of yellow and gold will highlight the green eyes and it is a simple and natural shade.

Grey eyeshadow

The classical grey shadow will create a hot Smokey eye when it combines with deep black eyeliner. And this will be the best colors for green eyes.

One of the best makeup’s for green eyes is the classy bronze gold smoky cat eye

Kindly apply the nude eyeshadow for the base of your eyes and belt it properly with a fluffy brush, with the help of the black eyeliner pencil line your upper lash.

Curl the lashes and apply a coat of mascara then apply some gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.

The above-mentioned tips are the best ones to make up your eyes.