Is a wedding ring tattoo a good idea?

If you want a different kind of wedding other than the traditional wedding, then here is an idea which is common at the wedding but different from the traditional wedding.

The wedding ring tattoo can be considered. The tattoos may be the last permanent. So you should ask yourself, do you need a tattoo with a wedding ring?

Whether it hurts

Tattoos can hurt you. They will be painful, bleed and the care should be taken. On the wedding day whether you want to feel this pain and bleed.

So a tattooing wedding ring may not be a problem but it should be done before or after one week from the wedding. The fingers and hands are the places that have more nerve and nerve endings. So it tends to be painful on your wedding day.

Need care for a wedding tattoo

The tattoos can be drawn with the help of an artist. So care must be taken to select the artist who is going to tattoo your wedding ring.

Tattoo parlors have the lubricant cream which is used to heal the layers of the skin from the tattoo moisture. The tattoos should be wet for the first few days and it should free from chemicals like chlorine and household cleaners.

The tattoos are exposed to air for some time. The tattoos can get faded with the sun. So if you having a plan for spending a day in the sun, sunblock can be used.

For choosing the tattoo ring means, the design for a wedding ring is selected. The wedding tattoos ring can be done with the help of either black or blue ink, whereas the other colors may get faded easily.

The design should be short and simple. If you are selecting with the complex designs it will look blur.

Other than a wedding ring

Instead of using a wedding ring, a wedding band tattoo is also used. But most commonly wedding rings are used and wedding bands are rarely used. If you want your wedding ring should be unique then you should select your artist who is talented in tattoos drawing.

The Bottom lines

The wedding ring tattoos are mostly rare in a real scenario. Once the artist selected, the design should be selected and should be simple and short.

If you are not confident with the design then try with the henna. Henna is the dye which will be lasting for 2-4 weeks.