How to do finger waves on short straight hair?

Of all the vintage hairstyles, many people are looking to do finger waves to be comfortable without worrying about hair problems.

Some people are thinking it is hard to do finger wave hairstyles on their own and approaching the beauty salon.

If you are one of them, consider reading the following lines to know the DIY methods to do a finger wave hairstyle on your own. Based on your practices, you can do this perfectly.

How the finger wave hairstyle is popular?

When you look back in the past decades, most famous personalities will try out this finger wave hairstyle.

These finger curls on short hair will enhance their fancy look and it is suitable for every occasion. Even it is more suitable for the person when they looking to go for a casual look.

What are all the things you need to do this hairstyle?

People with short hair are more suitable to acquire this hairstyle to look more trendy and beautiful. You can do this hairstyle in three different ways as bobby pins, hair gel, and hair ironing machines with bottle spray.

You have to decide the right tool to make finger waves on short straight hair or long hair.

Steps to do finger wave on your hair

Initially, you should wet all of your hair at a moderate level without moisturizing it too much. Along with the wetness, use the wide-tooth comb and comb your hair.

You should portion your hair by combing it either to the side or in the middle.

Create C-shape in hair

The next to your portioned hair is applying the hand-full hair gel in your whole hair. Then you should use your two major fingers to make the hair ready for creating finger waves.

Avoid combing and shaping the hair in your finger and create C shape in the hair which is next to your finger. 

Line up pattern

Repeat the process of creating C shape in your gel used hair by clipping your hair with bobby pins. Use the right pattern to create short hairstyles with finger waves and wrap the ends of your hair.

If your hair is not set with the shapes, use the iron tool to iron your hair. By following this method, you can acquire the perfect finger wave hairstyle.

Final thoughts

Make sure to use the hair clips in perfect spaces to create loose beautiful curls in your short hair. Make use of the aforementioned information and get the beautifully shaped finger wave hairstyle.