How do I find my natural part?

Where hair will make the natural part by itself on falling on the forehead and the natural part of the hair will depend on the shape of the face and the way to find the natural part is very simple. There is the simplest way to find your natural part in the head.

Find the natural part

Make your hair dry with the help of a towel and comb all the hair forward and shake your head, then the result will be you find the hair were it naturally falls.

Once you see the natural part then use to make the correct partition with the help of the guidelines of the natural part. We can create the new part as per your wish even does your hair have a natural part.

Create a different part

The trendiest part in the hair is middle and side and the hair takes it often naturally. Now, wet your hair fully and where should you part your hair, then start to part the hair where it needs to fall.

For the middle part kindly avoid the part which is exactly at the center and make a half-inch from left or right from the center because asymmetry is the more natural look. Create a rat-tail comb to make a lime and part the hair on both the side.

Based on the shape of the face the part will get differ and tips are mentioned below for the better part for the better face.

Long or oval face

These face the only suit for a side part and kindly avoid the middle part which will elongate the face even more. Make the arch of your eyebrow as a guide and part your hair in the line.

Heart face

These faces only suit the middle part and it uses to elongate the face with more smother.

Round or square

These face peoples are really lucky because both the middle and side parts will suit them. If they choose the middle part then it will soften the edges of the square face and also sharp the roundness of the round face.

Side part also makes an angle to the round face and softens the square face.

Even depends upon the hairstyle the parts get changes, for example, the curly hair will suit the natural part and it will not necessary to create a new one.

In straight or wavy hair can make a center but not exact center some bit away from it because the hair will contain large volume and it will fall like sheets on both sides, it will look more fables.