What is used for nail art?

The nail art is creating a way to paint, decorate and enhance the nail. It is the type of artwork is done after manicures or pedicures in the fingernails and toes nails.

These manicures and pedicures are beauty treatment and the nail art kit is used to trim and shape and polish the nails.

In this type of polish, they use to clean the nails with dipping in the powder and acrylic. There are many items used for nail art which are mentioned below.

Nail art Stickers

This type of sticker comes with strong adhesive backing. It should apply in dry nail polish and should seal them with fast dry topcoat. There are in a variety of designs (from flowers to cartoons).

Dotting tools

It is a mandatory tool in the nail kit and they are used to create the dots. It will use to come in 5 sets with 10 different heads. They use to create an easy nail style.


This stone comes in different sizes and shapes. This will provide the blink and glamour to your nail.

Stripping tape

These tapes are thin in size and help to provide the metallic lines in the manicure and it comes in many textures and colors.

Bullion beads

It is also known as sprinkle beads or caviar beads which look like metal or glass beads. It will give you 3D effects on your nail.

Loose glitter

Apply glitter in the nails in loose powder form. Kindly sprinkle the glitter on nail polish using a brush. You can also coat the nails and dip the finger in the glitter pot and remove the excess glitter from the finger and seal it with the topcoat.

Nail polisher

The black and white nail enamels (polish)

is the most used one. In nowadays, the trending enamels are magnetic.

Stamping kit

The nail art stamping kit has a scraper stamp and template. There will gradually increase from small stamping to full-size stamping design.

Topcoat and basecoat

Kindly prefer the good quality and fast dry topcoat that gives shining and prolong the life of the manicure. And select the basecoat according to your health because the calcium level will decrease accordingly. Apply the basecoat before start to paint your nails.

Orangewood stick

It is also known as a toothpick which is used to pick rhinestones and also help to create the dots. They are also very useful in water marbling.

The above-mentioned are the tools for nail art, which are more available in the market to enhance your nails.