Why are my nails so weak?

Nails are made up of a protein called keratin. And the nails will protect your fingers and toes, the keratin will make the cells in hair and skin, works to protect nails from damage.

The most uncommon thing is to spill, peel or break the nail and one of the researches said that 27 percent of women will have the brittle nails which are also called onychoschizia. Then this will cause the underlying health and external factors.

Brittle nails

According to the research, brittle nails will fall in 2 categories

  • Dry and brittle
  • Soft and brittle

The dry and brittle will cause due to not any enough moisture and it will occur repeated washing and drying of fingernails. And it is one of the main reasons for brittle nails.

The soft and brittle will cause due to too much moisture and they often use the detergent, household uses, and nail polish remover is the main causes of brittle fingernails.

The changes in nails will commonly occur due to the age of the people. When the age became too less than the nail became dull and brittle and the toes nail will become thicker and harder. Age is the main reason behind the week’s fingernails.

Protect your nails


kindly buy the moisturizer lotion or alpha hydroxyl acid otherwise buy the lanolin-rich nail conditioners and with the help of this kindly moisturize your hand after washing and make sure to apply the lotion before going to bed and moisture your hand, feet, and nails, please keep them hydrated.

Protect your hands

Please use gloves before washing the clothes or vessels because the chemical in the detergents will cause the fungal diseases in your hand and also ensure to keep your hand clean and dry.

Care for nails

Keep the nails area and surface in shorter because the chemical will not get easily react and make sure to buff your nails in the same direction, kindly avoid the back-and-forth motion and that will cause splitting.

To strengthen your nails, use the nail harder and also don’t use nail polish remover and it not contains the acetone, please avoid the frequent use of the remover.

The general information about the nail is, the complete nail will grow for 6 months for the adults and the toes will take 12 months. In 2010, the study reports the adult nail will grow 3.47 mm in one month.