Acrylic nails are banned in Schools

Acrylic nails are made up of the combination of liquid monomer and powder monomer. They are creating the hard protective layer over the natural nails; this hard protective layer is due to exposure of air.

It is the transparent nail if needed nail polish can be added after that. Nails can be grown as the beauty tips but the school children are wearing fake nails to their schools is depreciated.

Banning of fake nails in the schools

The reason behind the banning of fake nails in the school was, the school was announced the student to remove the fake nails to attend the placement.

But the student was refused to remove the fake nails. The school management has made isolation for one week for that student who is wearing nails extensions at school.

The reason is fake nails can cause damage if they are ripped off, and it also makes the student distract from their learning process.

If the school is allowing the students to wear these artificial nails, then the school is falling from its duty. This is because it is making disturbance for the students to concentrate on studies.

Ruining girls handwriting

Some years ago, a school in North Teesside, announced that the wearing fake nails or acrylic nails as a uniform policy. Later on a few days, they felt that the pupils with fake nails were unable to hold the pen properly due to these fake nails.

They made a statement that the fake nails should be in the sensible length which is able to hold the pen for writing. These long nails will cause them serious problems regarding health and safety terms.

Long nails lead to unhealthy

These fake long nails will cause a serious risk when it is wearied by the students. Students are involving physical activities like running and playing while doing so if the nail is broken and it will result in painful situations.

The germs and bacteria will cause health issues due to these fake nails. The bacteria and germs will be stored in fake nails.

The Bottom Lines

People with higher age groups can have a nail extension. But school going students should avoid these fake nail extensions.

If so, their health will be affected due to the store of bacteria and germs in between the fake nails. So wearing a fake nail at school is depreciated by everyone.